In addition to presenting at professional conferences, the PENS team has significant experience designing, facilitating, and evaluating workshops that actively engage STEM instructors at both the collegiate and high school levels. In the past three years, we have conducted over 25 workshops in a variety of settings and on a variety of STEM education topics.

I think you are a fantastic facilitator; good conversations about instruction happen when you are around! Also, your willingness to engage in critical dialogue (as opposed to being defensive) really enables learning and growth to happen on our parts. I always leave your sessions feeling more in love with teaching, so thank you! Participant in professional development workshop

Please contact us if you’re interested in having one or more of us present or facilitate a workshop. We can cover a range of disciplines (chemistry, mathematics, physics or teacher preparation) and topics:
  • Metacognition within problem-solving
  • Instructional techniques that encourage self-regulation among students
  • Assessing STEM problem-solving skills
  • Using technology to facilitate instructor-student and student-student collaborations

Here are some of our recent PENS…

  • A New Look at Problem-Solving in Introductory STEM Courses (2014 Cal Poly Pomona and Pasadena City College joint summit)
    Problem-Solving with Think-Alouds (2014 National Science Teacher Association Area Conference on Science Education)